Effectively use Mind Mapping

This course shows you to quickly and effectively use Mind Mapping for Business and Personal Projects

Mind mapping is a great way to boost you and your team to establish and build on your ideas. It allows you to visualise your idea and its components, analyse them, and unleash them to their full potential.

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What Is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a great way to boost you and your team to establish and build on your ideas. It allows you to visualise your idea and its components, analyse them, and unleash them to their full potential. This can be achieved through capturing it on paper, whiteboard or even more powerfully with Mind Mapping Software. You can create a detailed graphic representation of your ideas so you can see them clearly and strategically.


Mind Mapping is not a new and is industry proven to assist with:

  • Fast tracking project completion which fast tracks successful results.
  • Not limited by industries, can be used on any size project, any industry and anywhere in the world
  • Puts you in the driver’s seat of success allowing you to keep a visual overview on your business, projects and team.


My name is Colin Cooper and I have been Mind Mapping since 1998. I currently hold several positions with a range of companies, two of which are most relevant to you is that I am the CEO of MindGenius Australia / NZ (Over 600,000 Mind Mapping Users World Wide) and the owner of a high end project consulting firm called Boost Your Business.

I have consulted with start-up entrepreneurs through to fortune 500 companies and personally witnessed projects become successful with one of the key reasons being the use of mind mapping. Also I have seen projects fail without the usage as people tend to “coast” along and projects suffer for it.

My belief is whether you are mind mapping on paper or using powerful software, everyone including children should be exposed to Mind Mapping. It’s fun, create and a very power business tool.


I have recreated a course that would normally be delivered in a class room environment, and use technology to enable you to learn quickly all the skills and techniques required to master MindMapping in the comfort of your home at a speed that suits you.

The course is delivered to you in very easy and simple to follow steps:

Comprehensive Video Training
delivered through PowerPoint and Audio with practical lessons. We cover some live examples on mind maps.

Course Workbook and Study Guide

Info Graphic explaining Mind Mapping

Resource List of Free and Paid Mind Mapping Tools

Slide Handouts for note taking

Example Mind Maps

Freemind and MindGenius Video Tutorials



Introduction – Course Objectives

Getting Started – The Tools You’ll Need

Part 1 – Why Use Mind Maps?

Part 2 – What You Need to Get Started

Part 3 – Mind Maps for Planning

Part 4 – Mind Maps for Idea Brainstorming

Part 5 – Mind Maps for Problem Solving

Part 6 – Mind Maps for Website Design and Planning

Part 7 – Mind Mapping Common Mistakes

Conclusion – Next Steps


In the world of continued change its important that values and principles are something we can depend on. We want you our customers to be amazed by the courses and support we offer and be excited by the continued improvements and innovation we provide.

Our goal is to provide you with consistency of products and superior customer experiences whether its pre-sales questions, through to sound business advice aimed at assisting you to be successful launching your new venture, using your new qualifications. We pride ourselves on being able to supply, deliver and develop the product to assist you.


Because we care that our clients are satisfied and feel fully confident to move forward with the certified knowledge they have gained through us we feel comfortable and confident that we make the following promises and guarantee to you:

“If you are not satisfied and wish to cancel your course for any reason, you can do so in the first 90 days, we will give you a 90-day – money-back guarantee on all our services. Simply let us know where we can improve and why you want the refund and we’ll refund the money you have paid in full without delay”.

This is my personal promise to you.


If you are someone who would like to learn a practical tool to help them to be more effective and efficient at work and personally then this course is perfect for you.

The material is delivered to you instantly through our system and you have life time access to the materials so you can refer back to them whenever you need to. This is also supported by our helpdesk that can assist you with questions or mind mapping issues you have.

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